5 Characteristics of Effective Student Mentors

Student mentorship and business mentors help cultivate the worlds future leaders.

At NextGen, we believe that a great mentor carries natural characteristics that help inspire others and draw out their fullest potential.

These natural features work perfectly for those looking to better leadership and team development, or for those looking to mentor students so that these young individuals feel prepared for their careers ahead.

The Benefits of Cultivating Our Youth

Student mentorship is perfect for promoting life and professional skills to our youth. In fact, mentorship increases the number of high school graduates each year, lowers high school dropout rates, and provides young individuals with healthier relationships and lifestyle choices.

The 5 Characteristics of the Ideal Student Mentor

When seeking out a mentor, it comes down to natural qualities. These qualities cannot be learned or taught. Instead, this mentor naturally possesses these personality traits that make them effective at motivating and imparting wisdom on our youth.

1. Willingness to Share

Billingsleadership programs see one attractive trait in all mentors in our network: sharing. These professionals are willing to share their knowledge, expertise, and skills including proprietary knowledge that made them successful.

2. Demonstrate a Positive Attitude at all Turns

A great mentor is one who is naturally confident. They are glass half-full-types who enjoy life, always look at the positive side of things, and never let the world bring them down.

They are charismatic, and their positivity is infectious, too.

3. Culturally Diverse

One unique characteristic of a successful mentor is that they understand diverse societal and cultural norms. They have traveled, explored various areas of the world, and soaked up the knowledge and insights everywhere they go.

4. Highly Successful in their Career and Life

A good mentor is one who has surmounted challenges and succeeded. They are successful not only in their career, but also their life. They make great decisions at work, in personal relationships, and take extra care of themselves.

5. Embraces the Power of Goal Setting

Most mentors in student mentorship programs are goal-setters. They thrive on setting personal and professional goals for themselves, and they influence those whom they mentor to do the same.

Finding the Ideal Student Mentor Just Got Easier

Looking to participate in student mentorship programs?

NextGens Billings leadership and mentor programs are currently accepting applications for student mentorships for the 2017 and 2018 school year.

Our Inspire Action Team motivates college students in Montana who want to build a professional network and gain valuable insights into the world.

Not only does the program benefit the students, but it also benefits the mentors and the community. From sharing ideas to trying new skills to meeting new people, the benefits of mentorship are only limited by your personal stops.

Explore the student mentorship program at NextGen today or submit a mentee application now.