Jessica Gaard

Century 21 Hometown Brokers


Billings is a growing city that many different demographics are looking to call home. Being a part of NextGen will give insight into the challenges and ideas to make our city the best that it can be. Billings is a great place to work and live, and I believe it can be a destination, not just a rest stop or drive-through city. I would like the group to focus on meeting the challenges head on while we are in the process of the changes affecting our city, working with others who have been here to help guide, melding the ideas and moving the city forward. I think we have a very real opportunity to take Billings in a unique direction. I would like to help first, by becoming more educated on the challenges we face, the opportunities that are coming in, and how we are planning on moving forward. From there we can work to educate, get input from, and aspire to move in the direction that benefits our city and its citizens.