Action Teams ()

NextGen offers a number of ways for members to get involved both internally to advance the organization as well as externally to be more active in the community.


NextGen Grow

Membership and Marketing committee.  To advance the Mission of NextGen through focus on membership growth and retention.


NextGen Learn

Personal and Professional Development Committee. To foster professional relationships, career development and community involvement through development of programs and activities.


NextGen Connect

Social Committee.  To provide a positive environment for networking and developing connections.


NextGen Inspire

Mentorship. To provide mentorship to college students residing in Billings, Montana to help students build a professional network, offer resources for career development and retain incoming young professionals.


NextGen Cahoots!

Cahoots! is a networking group that meets each Friday at 11:00 a.m. at the Chamber. There is no attendance requirement, so you can attend when it works with your schedule. Cahoots! is co-chaired by Alyson Murnion and Aubrey Kincaid.  Weekly updates on our Facebook page.


The activities of Next Gen will be at the direction and discretion of its members as long as such activities:

  • Do not duplicate existing Chamber activities, events and programs that are already available to the general public
  • Do not conflict with the Chamber’s overall mission, vision, objectives and bylaws.


Committee Chairs: Please use the templates below for developing agendas and recording minutes. The templates below have been filled in with example data, please be sure to adjust so they are relevant to your committee.
Agenda and Minutes Template